New vacuum

Wow a new vacuum cleaner can make all the difference, it’s not until you get a new one that you realise your old one didn’t suck.

I like my second Dyson vacuum my old one was a plug in upright, they no longer make a corded vacuum so I now have the V8 which I’ve found is like the dust busters of old with attachments on steroids.

I’ve since done the carpet under our bed (it does not move it takes 3 adults, it’s heavy) after several barrels oh my god, goes to show I never really did under there properly.

My velvety lounge suite has now been sucked free of much dust as our windows are always open in summer. A whole fine dust filled barrel later it goes to show I never really did my couches properly.

I’m going to go with I did do my vacuuming  every week it was just my vacuum did not suck enough. It’s great on my tiled floor.

The recharging battery in my V8 cannot do our whole house on a full suck, so I do the tiles on the half and the carpets on the full as it has 2 settings but I can’t do my lounges in the same day it needs to recharge. In some ways I miss the continual go of the corded plug in version but this one has advantages.

My mum has a V6  and has a little trouble with keeping her arthritic finger on the trigger so does her vacuuming throughout the day.

My couches are done for the day, off to work to come home and hopefully finish the house with my fully charged battery ready for the weekend.

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