My week

Nothing exciting has really happened in the last week or so. I have finished my high school work for the year, summer break, the kids don’t go back until the 27th of January and I go back a couple of days before that, I’m only part time so get some interesting hours.

I finally figured out what to get Mr 25 and Mr 20 for Christmas presents (can’t say what, Mr 20 pops in sometimes) they are getting a shared gift with their girlfriends and a gift for themselves. We love the whole gift thing but I’m not a person who would like anyone to go into debt for a gift so we keep them small and heart felt. I think this makes you think more on what would make the receiver happy and makes you both feel good when it’s given. I picked up a bit of a frivolous gift for my hubby, I have my mum and my parents in law to find small presents for. My brothers and sisters in law decided against presents for their kids and we just spend time and a meal together as we don’t catch up that often.

Apart from that I have bought my ham, it’s filling up the fridge. I have my turkey breast roll in the freezer and I have my pork ribs to bbq up. We are at my sister in laws (hubbys sis) for our main meal of lunch on the day so the meats I have bought are our favourites for Christmas that we actually eat over a few days mostly with salads.

My hubby has decorated the outside of the house with lots of lights as usual and I have decorated the inside of the house with a little help from Mr 20, I did say ‘a little’ it’s getting less each year but he does do some. As Christmas is in our summer months we like to take a walk around the neighbourhood and see how the other houses are decorated, with or without lights every one is out walking with their kids or grandkids.  It was fantastic when the boys were little to hear their ooohs and aaahs. It’s funny how things change over the years.

Mr 25 who lives 15 minutes away is not sharing a house with others this year he is on own and now has some outside lights and decorations to practice with.

So no matter how you decorate or don’t,  I hope you and your family are getting into the festive season no matter whether you are religious or not.

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