My start to winter

For us Winter is here, one month down as of this Friday and 2 more months to go. We’ve had some pretty cold weather in my part of Queensland but saying that we don’t generally get snow nor frost. Light snow only made it to the edge of our border and not quite into our state, occasionally it does in the South West edges.

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT ( Australian Capital Territory) are the coldest and the snowiest parts. I’ve lived in Victoria, it snows, as an adult I’m happy to visit but I don’t want to live with it again.

Winter school holidays started this past Monday and go for 2 weeks, I’m happy as I work at a school I get to sleep in over the cold mornings if only for a couple of weeks.

Being Northern state our winter is truly not that cold and only really for about 2-3 months, in our house we just pile on more clothes. We don’t own a heater nor central heating and for our hot summer we don’t have air-con either we just open windows and have ceiling/pedestal fans.

I’m still picking tomatoes off my plants and I have a few big fat juicy strawberries I’m waiting to pick in a day or two. Now I’m waiting for my green beans and snow peas to grow and prosper and I still have a sweet potato plant lurking in a pot, I should go see how it’s progressing. It’s in a pot because they just take over the garden other wise and my garden is not that big.


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