My pre Spring Cleaning

It all started last week when my youngest Mr 22, said mum you know those cups with the lids you have, I can’t find them anywhere to buy (he moved out of home over a year ago) is there any chance I can have one of yours, you do have 4 after all? The cups he was referring are Tupperware ones I bought an eon ago that are still going along in my life nicely. Now he has the blue lid and cup pair out of the set of 4 different colours.

So I’ve been going through my cupboards again, I did this when he first moved out, to see if there is anything else I don’t need and that he and his fiancĂ© may want or need ……………

and then it snowballed. So I’ve been setting aside things, mostly crockery and odds and ends to donate or give to whoever.

I’ve also thrown out shoes I no longer need that are a little or a lot worse for wear, shirts that I keep as old but bought new things so will throw the old things out in and just a general house hold clean out. This time I’m being more ruthless.

A few older friends have moved to smaller places since their kids have left home so I guess in a way I’m down sizing my “stuff” before needs be, as you get older you don’t seem to need stuff as much.

… And Spring is less than a month away, bring on September!

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