My nut and seed squares experiment

I always encourage experimentation with my recipes and today I was no different in trying something a little bit different.

The experiment was on my nut and seed squares, not so much as an experiment as a slight switcheroo. Who knew that adding a table spoon of coconut flour instead of desiccated coconut could have such an affect. Well the coconut flour sucked the life out of my 1 egg white so had to add another.

Forming this recipe into biscuits (cookies) to bake instead of a slice/squares is how I mostly bake this , they are a nice and nutty snack.

I think if I was to add coconut flour instead of coconut again I’d have to make as the squares and add that extra egg white.  It’s a little denser with than without. They’re still good, just different.

My lesson learned =  coconut flour really absorbs liquids. I’ve not had a play with  it before.

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