My new mix master

I’m now the proud owner of a new mix master after the other one died, I have a sneaky suspicion that I was overloading the motor when making bread dough and it finally just gave up.

My new mixer has a bigger motor and nice new features my other one didn’t have like a light that shows you what you’re mixing, a timer counting down, a timer that counts up, a lid for the bowls and some other bits and bobs my others didn’t have.

I must say that I was able to get a great price ( a special, also vouchers and a bit of  birthday present money) which enabled me to get a much better model.

Generally I file the books away with the just in case I need it receipt for a return, but I actually went through the recipes and the books to see what the new fangled buttons were for and I might just have to change the way I’ve been doing a couple of my tried and true recipes.

My question is do you read the books and or recipes to new kitchen equipment when you buy it? What do you do with those books if not?

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    • Kathleen Caterson on April 20, 2017 at 8:29 pm
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    Depending on the new toy, it could be a quick flick or I actually have to read it. I always keep them, just in case in my old age, I forget something.

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