My long weekend

This last weekend was a long one, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was the public holiday. The Queen’s birthday was the occasion even though the Queen’s real birthday is in April, go figure.

On Saturday and Monday we were helping my Sister in law pack up her house, she sold it and has now less than 2 weeks to be moved out.  Sunday I had stuff to do around here, not much but stuff.

Between my father in law and my hubby in the garage and garden shed and my mother in law and I in the bedrooms my sister in law was everywhere in between.  I think my brother in law turned up Sunday.

We were bought pizza for lunch yesterday/Monday to which right on cue Mr 19 turns up to eat with us.

My freezer is now empty of snacks as I arrived with plates of mixed cakes and biscuits to snack on during the days we were there.  This weekend I’m going to catch up on some baking.

So today is Tuesday and a friend invited me out to lunch, yes!  This feels more like a rest than my long weekend.

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