Ever get those times where you never do anything there’s no people to visit, there’s no one around to visit you or everyone is busy getting on their lives or you just can’t be bothered ….. then all of a sudden you get 4 weekends in a row that are go go go, that has been our last month  and how time flies.

I did get in some baking, I made a Jam and coconut slice , a tray of nutella brownies  and with skirt steak  being on special I bought a couple and made up quite a few meals for the 2 of us in the crock pot (blitzed can of tomatoes with herbs, Worcestershire sauce, sliced onions and carrot chunks) to freeze for easy winter dinners. I was also gifted a pumpkin so I made a big pot of pumpkin and veg soup to eat on my own as hubby is not a fan of pumpkin.


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