Ingredient: Vanilla essence

Prune Brownies

Here I’m just tweaking my chocolate brownie recipe I posted previously. Less sugar to be made up with the sweetness of the prunes and a tad more healthy. I’ve also swapped out the melted butter/margarine for olive oil in this recipe but you could use liquid coconut oil if you wish.

Donna Hay Choc chip hazelnut cookies

There were no hazelnuts in my pantry to make into meal so I’ve made this recipe with almond meal I ground in a coffee grinder. I found this recipe in my Sunday paper today and thought I’d give it a go as I needed to make biscuits/cookies for the coming week.

Cinnamon butter cake loaf

Totally Oaty biscuits

Totally Oaty Cookies. This recipe came about as I was curious if you could replace wheat flour with oat flour in biscuits without losing the integrity of the biscuit.

Pineapple passion fruit cake

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