Ice cream cake

By ice cream cake I’m talking about a cake layered with ice cream, saying that there are different ways you can go about this type of dessert, all should work and with what you have on hand most times. You do need time, time for the ice cream to re freeze and it all to set.

I’m making a black forest type of ice cream cake for dessert on Christmas day, it goes like this …

1x baked chocolate cake cut in half top and bottom. (make your own cake or buy one)

1 x 2L tub of cherry swirl ice cream (make your own with fresh/tinned chopped cherries mixed in to softened ice cream)

A cake pan that the bottom comes out of that you generally use for cheesecakes and cling wrap.

Method ….. Soften your ice cream, if you’re in a hurry scoop out half the tub and break it into bits to soften quicker, you don’t want milk you want it to the consistency of lumpy whipped cream? You’ll know when.

Line the bottom of the cake pan with baking paper, cover the flat then clip the side around over the paper.

Layer in cake, ice cream, cake, ice cream or as many layers as you wish and press in with the back of a spoon.

Cover all closely with a few layers of cling wrap pop in a freezer bag and seal, then back in the freezer to freeze up, the longer the better.

When you wish to serve pipe on some whipped cream a few extra cherries and some shaved chocolate, unclick the side of the cake tin and ease the ice cream cake out, cut into wedges.

This can of course be done with any shape cake you have a pan for, keep in mind you need side height for the layers of ice cream and cake.

Bake a couple of large Chocolate choc chip biscuits in a cake tin and use for the top and bottom instead of cake, I’ve used this method before.

Use any of your favourite biscuit recipes, peanut butter, choc chip, butterscotch etc.

Use a brownie or blondie instead of a cake.

Of course use any ice cream combination you wish, the options are endless.

This pic is my ice cream cake going into the freezer to wait Christmas dessert time and the decorations on top.


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