Fruit and vegetable bags for shopping

For grocery shopping I’ve been using my green bags , reusable, calico bags or a mix of all 3 for many years now  but still tend to sort of use plastic bags for my fruit and vegetables, the small stuff not bananas or pineapples or the like.

I was thinking on things as single use plastic bags from grocery store are being banned I was wondering what constituted single use and how can I change another habit.

As I was washing my bras in their zippered lingerie bags I thought wow that a fantastic thing to put your fruit or veg in when shopping. After weighing the bag I found that the zip actually weighs a fair bit BUT I could make something similar, the picture below is what I did.

Be aware that they are basic and not even sewn to prettily but they do I find get the job done and are easy to throw in the wash to clean after potatoes. Keeping the weight down in the bag means I’m not paying for it at the checkout.

I bought 1metre of 1.5m wide stretch tulle. It cost me $5p/m, I’ve made 4 bags and have enough to squeeze out another 2 or 3 of varying sizes. The good thing is you can make them any size you want there are no set measurements.

EDIT: I’m editing this post because in my cupboard I found a bag of drawstring bags for shoes (the ones that your shoes go in when packed in your suit case). I remember getting these when my son worked in a shoe shop and the store closed down, 8 of these leftover bags ended up with me.

These bags are a woven type fabric (like a thinner green reusable bag from Woolworths or Coles) and measure about 28 X 30 cm, weight being 10grams. I think they would make a great vegetable bag.

So now you have a choice to look up cheap cloth shoe bags, lingerie bags, make your own or go the direct route and see how much they charge for an actual vegetable bag. I love choices.

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