Frozen vegetables

I’m not generally a big user of frozen veg as my whole vegetable content for dinner unless that dinner is soup, I love frozen vegetables for soup.

I always have store bought frozen corn nibblets and peas, these are my extras for salads, fried rice or to go with my other veg, these two I think turn out the best. I freeze my own diced capsicums and onions though these are generally for soups or stews or pumpkin for my pizzas, I have a few exceptions.

As fresh vegetables are getting a bit expensive right now I’ve bought a couple of bags of mixed vegetables with broccoli, cauliflower, beans, corn, carrot and peas. I also picked up a packet of frozen broccoli and bag of cauliflower. 

I’ve found that the only way I like them as a vegetable on their own is to steam them. Steaming them seems to be the only way to not make them soggy and you have to be careful not to over cook them. I’m guessing over cooked frozen broccoli is why kids don’t like the vegetable in general.

How do you prep your frozen vegetables or are you more of a canned vegetable person?

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