Fridge seals

Did you know that refrigerator seals have long strips of magnet inside?  When replacing your fridge seals, slice open the old seals and pull out the magnetic strips.  If a handyman does this job for you ask him to leave the seals.  Yes the magnets are long and narrow, but you can cut them to length and put on the back of a notepad to attach to the fridge using as shopping list or phone messages or …

Let kids make their own fridge magnets by giving them small pieces of wood or clay shapes to paint then stick the magnet on the back.  This is an activity then that can be done very cheaply.

I cut to a strip of about 20cm long to leave on the fridge.  I put the corners of notes, notices, appointment cards etc so that it’s like a notice board.  Why the fridge?  It’s a good reminder place as everyone goes to the fridge for something.

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