Freezer meals

Wednesday being one of my non working days I decided I was going to get some crock pot meals on as my freezer was lacking in some easy dinners.

I’ve gained a free extra crock pot, yay me.

I had 1 pot going with chicken drumsticks in a lemon sauce, some packet I bought from the shop, yep feeling lazy. Picked the chicken off the bones when cooked and before freezing.

The 2nd pot was cooking with a beef casserole with my tomato base, carrots and onions.

While that was cooking I made 2 meals with 5 cooked rissoles each, popped in foil containers. They were covered in passata (a tomato puree or you can use crushed tomatoes blitzed) mixed with about 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, some onions and herbs. Sprinkled on some grated cheese, covered and froze.

With the left over minced meat I made spaghetti bolognaise, popped into zip lock bags (3 meals) to use for spaghetti, lasagne, pasta, to have on english muffins or as a pizza topping.

All up I made 9 freezer dinners that I need only add vegetables or salad.

This makes my working winter cooking days that little bit easier.


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