Forgetful moments

I washed and dried my lovely little blue bags for my green groceries, I put them away with my grocery bags in the boot of my car to keep them all together, the thing is I put them in a bag with but not in my grocery bags and now I can’t find the little blighters.

Round 1 of looking I can’t find them, round 2 getting frustrated now but I still can’t find them. I’m going to totally empty the boot of my car and pull every darn bag I can find out just to see what I did with them.

These I call my dumb bunny moments just like when I shaved my legs in the shower as I was in a hurry and ended up shaving the same one twice and missed the other but I did not notice until I was drying the leg, *sigh* I do wonder about myself some times.

What are your dumb bunny moments?

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    • Kathleen Caterson on August 8, 2018 at 11:42 am
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    This morning I took the house keys from my son, so I wouldn’t have to search the house for them. I’ve just spent the morning looking for those keys, as I misplaced them. Finally found them in my dressing gown pocket. LOL I hope you find your bags

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