Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has been out for years, dry shampoo recipes have been out for years, I’ve found it depends on how long you need that grease free feel for as to whether it’s worth making up a recipe to keep.

When I use as dry shampoo it’s because I know I’m not going anywhere the next day so didn’t bother washing my hair last night, but as we know the best laid plans and all that.

I’ve found that if I need that non greasy feel/look for a few hours I just put a little talc on my hand then pat the powder along my part, flick the hair for another couple of part lines and wiggle your fingers through spreading in all around, leave for 5 minutes then come back and brush your hair as usual. Any talc that seems to settle along your part can be combed along so you don’t have a white stripe. Then usually my hair is up in a pony tail.

When I wash my hair that night I make sure I give it a thorough wash to make sure no talcum powder is left in my hair.  The recipes I found were basically 50-50 talc and bi carbonate of soda and tended to clump while awaiting my next use.

If you use dry shampoo sprays often I’m not sure this is for you as I’m not sure how often it’s good to be using in your hair or on your scalp. For me it’s probably used only every month or two.

The talc I use is whatever I happen to have at the time, sometimes scented sometimes not, no price range and no brand specific.

I must say my hair is a slightly on the darker side of mid blonde, sorry to say this probably isn’t a good solution for those with darker hair but up to you if you wish to give it a try.

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