Do your adult kids contribute to the house and family?

My Mr19 has been my Mr20 for just over a month now, we said happy birthday sweetie you’re old enough to do your own clothes washing. This is how you work the machine. Please don’t put whites in with your darks and don’t forget to hang it out on the line to dry.  So far so good.

I do say to him it’s a nice sunny day have you done your washing this week and he decides. He’s at University and wears casual clothes but he does part time work and wears a uniform, he’s not been caught out with no uniform … yet.

Oh and if you’re washing your own clothes you’re ironing your own clothes, aren’t I a mean mum? I loathe ironing.

I must admit I do all the towels together as they fit nicely in 1 wash.

I do ask for bed sheets but I don’t chase for the bed sheets, if he’s missed the wash he has to do it himself or wait until I do them again.

Did you do your kids washing into adulthood, what age did you decide on who does what, do you adjust the household chores for your kids as they grow up?  Each new year as they aged, bed time, chores and pocket money was put on the negotiation table. We all know nothing in life is free and you respect your belongings more if you work for them. They saved, paid for and own their own mobile phones and cars by 18. Yes they pay rent it’s adjusted with how many hours they work, not a huge amount but they do pay it.

Of course it has to be even and all kids treated equally …. don’t you love parenthood 🙂

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