For many years now I’ve never had the inclination to try cornbread, if we have a bread with our dinner it’s usually a garlic or herb bread, a proper bread with yeast.

In my little quest to find gluten free snacks I found recipes for cornmeal (I usually buy polenta, which technically is an Italian dish with coarse cornmeal but the package says Polenta) and corn bread.

So I rearranged a cornbread recipe to meet my needs for now.

I’ve found that cornflour can replace xanthum gum, I always have cornflour on hand. The cornflour container in the pantry now also has a xanthum label as well.

So if you’re trying my  Cornbread gluten free recipe although I’ve made it muffins in can go in a slice tray or a loaf tin for variations you just have to adjust your times. This recipe is sweet so next time I’d pop in choc chips to make it more muffiny OR at least halve the sugar and pop in herbs to serve with butter.

I’m working up my little stash of gluten free foods.


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