Computer clean out

Yesterday was a rainy day, a very welcome rainy day that overnight we can now see a bit of green in our very brown grass, yippee!

So yesterday I decided it was time to sit down and clean up/out my desktop computer (I don’t own a laptop but this  will also apply) I first of all went to my email inboxes and deleted emails or links to myself that I thought I may need but have since seen or totally forgotten about. I then went into my deleted box and deleted those, OMG I’ve obviously not done this for a while as there were many hundreds … for each email address I have. I also unsubscribed to a a few newsletters I no longer wanted.

Then I went to my desktop and either filed away hastily saved photos, those photos or memes you save for a quick social media post or sales catalogues (I know probably sounds odd but if I save it to my desktop I’m more likely to see it to remember it) and deleted others. I’ve now saved things into new folders and got rid of old folders.

My photos (I have to haunt social media to find photos of my boys as they do things in life, I’ve found as they get older it’s harder to get them to have a photo taken) I have a PHOTO folder filed away that is filled with folders for years in chronological order and that has my scanned, saved and event photos from us and others.

I went through my internet taskbar and deleted sites I no longer visit, rearranged the order across the top that they go in and put in a couple of new bookmarked sites to make things easier.

I unsubscribed to a forum or 2 that I no longer visit, some make it hard to take yourself off altogether so for those I take out my photos and any information that pertains to me personally.

Lastly I turned off my computer to clean my screen …  where did those fingerprints come from and turned my keyboard upside down to gently tap and take out all those breakfast toast crumbs and afternoon biscuit crumbs giving it a quick brush with an old clean paint brush.

I am by no means the most tech savvy person on this earth, my family who are all computer nerds think I know enough to get myself into trouble … maybe that’s true but I think I’m getting better.


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