Christmas cakes are made

Phew …. I had a morning of making my Chocolate Christmas cakes today, that is one thing to cross off my ‘Things to do for Christmas’ list.

My cake is not diet friendly but it is for Christmas and we do make these things we long for all year.  If we had them all they time they wouldn’t be as special.

In about 8.5 hours it will be the 1st of December and when December hits in our house, things start to look like the hot humid Summer Christmas that we tend to have.

The families have had the discussion on who is going where for what meal of the day.  Turns out we will be going to my brother and his family an hours drive away for lunch.  He’s kinda out bush way and it’s hotter and more humid inland.  Then back home for a clothes change, then my hubbys brother and his family for dinner, luckily he’s only 10 mins away.

I’ve yet to be given options on what food to bring where. Food is usually salads and bbq roast meats at my brothers with seafood, cold meats and salads at the inlaws.

Here are a few of my Christmas cakes before the oven.

xmas cake chocolate post

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