Cauliflower Fried Rice

I’ve not made cauliflower rice due to trying to make a cauliflower pizza base and it was not successful, don’t get me wrong it tasted really good but did not work as a pizza base for me.

I did hedge my bets as I wasn’t sure how hubby would like this so I still used a little cooked basmati rice.

Grabbing a few flowerettes  I popped in my little Oscar food processor and blitzed until it resembled rice but not mush.

Popping the cauli into a lidded microwave dish I added a tablespoon of water and nuked in the microwave for about 50 seconds to warm up and slightly soften then drained (coming back to the hubby factor you may wish to omit this step if you don’t mind rawish cauli)

Once drained I added the rice and tossed all together in the lidded microwave dish, then added to the other fried rice ingredients in the pan as per usual.

It was delicious. Next time I make this I’ll do all cauliflower. This is not the same with frozen cauli, fresh is best.



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