Are you a person who has the same old same old for breakfast each morning or are you a person who decides on the day what you’re going to have?

As long as I have my cup of extra strong Liptons tea, no other brand will do, with a little lite milk I’m happy. I then decide on the day what I feel like, mostly it’s Vegemite on toast (not to be eaten like peanut butter by the spoonful but thinly and even spread over your toast or English muffin or crumpet). In winter I may go for traditional oats with milk and honey or Weet-bix with warm milk and honey but it depends on the morning.

There is then the conversation about toast, I like mine brown though not charcoal and it needs to be buttered to the corners. My daughter in law likes hers with a hint of colour and Nutella. My husband likes his somewhere between our two.

Smoothies are always good but I tend to have them as a morning tea snack.

Or a you a person that can get by on a cup of tea, coffee or even orange juice and skip the food portion of breakfast?

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    • Kathleen Caterson on September 19, 2019 at 7:54 pm
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    Porridge with cinnamon, stewed apple & milk in Winter. Summer consists of a variety of cereals. My son has mashed banana, with 2 Vita brits every day. Toast isn’t something I have on it’s own for breakfast & most certainly not with vegemite (that Aussie gene missed me) 🙂

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