Bread or Pizza dough

I am a great believer in if you find a recipe that’s easy, that works and works well then you have to explore all options on variations to the recipe without making it complicated.  I hope I’ve not made this sound complicated because really it’s not.

Jamie Oliver has a pizza base/dough recipe.  I tried it, I liked it, it was easy and I could use my normal mix master with the dough hooks, no special machines.

This is Jamie’s dough recipe I use.  I can make my variations with this recipe because I decided I could add another 7g sachet of yeast and do a second 40 minute rise for a proper bread recipe.

I love this recipe because I can do the one rise and make pizza dough for 2-3 good sized pizzas or dough for lots of calzones.

With a second rise I make out of this recipe lots of  plain bread rolls,  OR lots of sweet rolls/buns with dried fruit and spices.

With a second rise I make scrolls, or pinwheels if you wish.  Roll the dough out to a flat rectangle with a rolling pin after first rise.  Spread or sprinkle on your filling and roll like a log.  Cut into 2-3 centimetre slices and place in a tray or tin with cut sides facing up and down. Second rise for 40 minutes.

Savoury scrolls.   Sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese.   Vegemite and grated cheese.    Pizza sauce, meat and toppings.   Feta/ricotta cheese and chopped spinach.

Sweet scrolls.  Add a tablespoon or two of sugar to the flour for dough mix (I don’t but you can).   Spread on apple and cinnamon.   Walnuts/pecans, spices and butter.   Caramel/chocolate pie filling.   Cinnamon and sultanas/currants/raisins.

I get 24 scrolls out of a mix, usually I make 12 savoury and 12 sweet out of one dough mix.

2 big log rolls (roll flat, spread with topping and log roll, bake without cutting) with above filling to bake and slice like a loaf of bread.

2 big bread loaves or 3 smaller bread loaves by adding a third yeast sachet.

2 big spice dried fruit loaves or 3 smaller spice loaves.

Free form loaves.

I made and anchovy loaf and an olive loaf for my brother in law for his birthday because they were his favourites and he didn’t have them often, he asked.

The options are endless explore them with your favourite toppings and or fillings.


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