Bed Mattress

Do you rotate or flip your bed mattress? Do you use a mattress protector?

Not all mattresses are created equal so there are things you can and can’t do with them these days depending on the mattress you buy.

Most mattresses you can flip and rotate but there are those that you can only rotate as only the top has the cushion layer and the bottom a hard layer.

Now mine is a mattress that needs rotating not flipping, it will get done about twice a year.

I use a mattress protector mostly because that is what my mum did if she didn’t buy a fitted one there was at least a blanket underneath the bed sheet to protect it. This probably goes back to when we were kids and wet the bed or being in a very humid state we sweated a lot. It was easier to change sheets and blankets than dry out a mattress.

These days of course there are all sorts of things that can go between a sheet and your mattress like an electric blanket, dimpled bed toppers, extra cushioning toppers, sheep fleece, rubber backed covers and the list goes on.

Our new purchase was a mattress in a box.  It was a novelty to watch it inflate over 48 hours and you need floor space to be able to let it inflate before you pop it on your bed to sleep on it. I must say we did try it in store first and now having it for a month it’s not a bad mattress.

Don’t forget to check how long you’ve had your pillows for and now …. sweet dreams.

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