I live in the sunny south east corner of Queensland, Australia. I've been long time married with 2 boys that grew up in the '90's. As crafts come and go I've tried a few over the years. I've always liked to cook and it sometimes gets a little inventive. ... and as they say, always look on the bright side of life.

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Oil diffuser.

I’m not a huge user of oils and smelly things in my house, I much prefer an open window to let in the fresh air. I was given an oil diffuser for a Christmas gift a few years back and just popped it in our main bathroom, used mainly for visitors to our house. Unless …

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Online grocery shopping

November last last year I took the plunge and did my first online grocery shop. I did a click and collect with a pick up straight to the boot of my car. No bags thanks. So on the way home from work I had my first ‘shop to boot’ pick up experience. I’m happy. I …

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Easy Vegetable Bake


Merry Christmas

Be Merry. Be safe. Enjoy.

What I call ‘Not quite french toast’

Easiest for 1 but can be done for more quite easily. For 1 serve heat a small pan. 1 slice of bread buttered on one side. Beat 1 egg with any herbs you like if you wish. Pour the egg into the heated pan and quickly pop on the bread with the buttered side facing …

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