I live in the sunny south east corner of Queensland, Australia. I've been long time married with 2 boys that grew up in the '90's. As crafts come and go I've tried a few over the years. I've always liked to cook and it sometimes gets a little inventive. ... and as they say, always look on the bright side of life.

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Scant, what does it mean?

What does scant mean when you’re cooking or baking? It simply means that you only want just enough of that measurement or a little under. eg; 1/2 Cup self raising (SR) flour, scant. Just a little less than half a cup.  

Raw sugar

Have you found a recipe that calls for raw sugar but you’d like something a little more refined/smaller granules? Just pop your raw sugar into a blender or bullet and give it a blitz. For me I measure the recipes raw sugar first then blitz and use. Alternatively you can blitz raw sugar to use …

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Boredom buster

Christmas cards, yes in my boredom of lock downs, and strong stay at home suggestions I’ve started on my stash of Christmas cards. I’ve also done some more inside house painting (yuk). Garden reorganisation. Wardrobe clean outs. Freezer cooking and other bits and bobs. What are your stay at home boredom busters? I need to …

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Indoor plants

How do you go growing indoor plants? Luckily enough where I live in Australia it never snows or gets below 2°C in the winter and it doesn’t get above 40°C in the summer (no air con or heater for us) so our inside plants have the temperatures we live with. For me it’s all about …

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Are you a paper or digital/mobile phone calendar person. Do you have a fantastic memory and remember it all in your head? For me it all goes in my mobile phone and each sunday I write up a weekly (whiteboard) calendar on the fridge. My fridge calendar started many years ago when my boys started …

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