I live in the sunny south east corner of Queensland, Australia. I've been long time married with 2 boys that grew up in the '90's. As crafts come and go I've tried a few over the years. I've always liked to cook and it sometimes gets a little inventive. ... and as they say, always look on the bright side of life.

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Kids Roll up bed

My grand kids are out of their cots and as we don’t have 4 extra beds for them to sleep overnight or nap on. I’ve made a couple (just the two for now) of these simple roll beds  that can travel from room to room, motel to motel or even camping. I picked up a …

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Condensed Milk

Condensed milk usually only gets used for rum balls at Christmas time in our house simply because  I don’t really have recipes that I like that use a whole tin, I don’t like to waste stuff. I found out the other day that condensed milk is freezable, it doesn’t go hard or really change it’s …

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Lemon pepper seasoning

Lemon pepper seasoning I feel is under rated. This is a seasoning I find you can mix with other herbs to give that little kick of extra flavour in cooking. Lemon pepper on it’s own for fish. Lemon pepper and rosemary for chicken or lamb. Lemon pepper and sage or fennel, or both for pork. …

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Where do my days go?

I have discovered since having my wonderful Grandkids, 2 of each, that I’m not as young as I thought I was and I’m lucky enough to be a Grandma in my 50’s. I work part time and baby sit 2 kids each Wednesday, I can tell you now I sleep well on a Wednesday night. …

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Meatballs and subs

Taking a plate of food to family or a friends informal gathering is something we all do over here in Australia.   The idea of “bring a plate” is to usually ease the burden of supplying the food on one person, cost. It also gives the plate bringer a chance to shine with a favourite dish …

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