I live in the sunny south east corner of Queensland, Australia. I've been long time married with 2 boys that grew up in the '90's. As crafts come and go I've tried a few over the years. I've always liked to cook and it sometimes gets a little inventive. ... and as they say, always look on the bright side of life.

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My funny baking moment …

My funny baking moment I wasn’t even aware of making. My inlaws came over for morning tea and I decided to make some fresh pikelets and as far as I was aware I made a fantastic batch. My pikelets formed nicely, they rose and were nice and fluffy and everyone enjoyed them topped with jam …

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Make your own packet cake mix

My mum and I were talking packet mixes the other day and how she’d like to do a master mix like she did many years ago but now she has neither the space to store it or it makes way too much mix for her. We came to the conclusion that next time she made …

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Make up remover pads revisited

Now that I’ve had my toweling remover pads for a while and the previous ones I made out of flannelette my favourite would be the toweling ones. Why, I think it’s because of the tufted bits of towel that make it plumper when wet with remover (I use a  Micellar water) While the flannelette ones …

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Washing the clothes, doing the laundry …

Washing the clothes, doing the laundry, whatever you call it do you use a liquid soap or a powder soap in your machine? For myself I like a laundry powder, one that works in a cold water wash.  Do you use the full amount in the instructions on the box? I use about 1-2 tablespoons …

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Winter 2020

For us here in Au it’s winter and right now we are about in the middle of it, so for me it’s soup time. I like to  make  a pot most weekends minus any meat, usually the vegetables that need to be finished or used up from the fridge. This large pot gets divided into …

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