Are you a sunny side up?

Eggs what can I say there is nothing like that nice yellow yolk staring at you from your plate just ready to be broken apart by a toast soldier, a chip/fry, waiting to be pierced and spread on your toast, mixed in with the grilled tomatoes and spread on a steak or sausage. YUM!

Hubby, when I first made him his eggs over 30 yrs ago he said he wanted a flat egg, huh? What’s a flat egg you ask, well it appears it’s just that, where the egg is all flat. Asked his mum and found out she’d just crack the many eggs into a pan, give them a bit of a swirl around and they’d cook flat then she’d cut into squares. That solved that problem.

I feel a bit sad when I break 2 perfect eggs into a pan only to have to stand there and pop one, watch all that yellow yolk run around and harden up.

When the eggs go onto a burger, mmmm bacon and egg burger, they are flipped and though mine is more set there is still nothing like biting into that burger and having that runny yolk mix in with the bacon and bun.

Mine are cooked in a non stick pan with the barest hint of olive oil.

I like a hot soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers (I have my 4 egg cups each with a funny face on it)

I like my eggs scrambled … my way not into under cooked restaurant mush or hard pebbles, just nicely set.

I like a nice bacon/ham vegetable frittata or an omelette.

Nothing like a good curried egg sandwich or spread on a salada.

That just soft to runny yolk on a caesar salad.

How do you like your eggs?


    • Jennifer Marsden on October 9, 2019 at 9:38 am
    • Reply

    I think you and are are in the same “egg” family. I like your descriptions of the perfect egg—perfectly.😃

    1. Jennifer, they’ve gotta be XL size eggs for the extra yolk goodness lol

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