Apricot chicken curried pork sausages?

I’m aware that’s an odd title and to be honest I thought it may be an odd combination but it actually came out beautifully and even hubby said make that again.  The story …

As my meals are now only for 2 people and not 4 I have larger amount issues as in sometimes you just can’t use half measurements so with my extra sauces and gravies I try if I can to keep and freeze them, most are suitable but not all.

I made apricot chicken a while back and was able to keep and freeze the leftover apricot sauce. Last night I was in a rush for dinner and quickly cooked up and cut up some pork sausages with a little sliced onion.  While looking through the freezer for a sauce to put over them I found the apricot chicken sauce, thought pork and chicken are close in flavour and decided to defrost and use that. I also popped in about a teaspoon of curry powder, covered and let it simmer on low for a bit.

While it simmered I steamed up some potato and carrot chunks, cauliflower and broccoli florettes. When cooked I popped on top of the sausages and sauce until I was ready to serve. I popped this all into a bowl and served with bread chunks to pick up the sauce at the end it was really quite tasty.

I was happy with 2 different ways to use up the sauce. Of course I could always make up the sauce split into 2 containers and there would be no cross meat flavours but sometimes you just go with the flow.





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