ANZAC crumble

I made a batch of ANZAC biscuits last weekend and they came out beautifully except 1 tray.  For some reason that tray was not in as long as the others and the biscuits were soft, yes you can eat them that way but we prefer them firmer.

That tray of soft ANZAC biscuits, when cold, were popped into the food processor and used as a topping for dessert.

I put an extra handful of oats and chopped almonds into the processed biscuits and mixed.

1/2 a peeled pear (tinned) was put in a single dish/ramekin, cut side up. Use a glass dish and arrange if you don’t have singles.

Crumble mix was then sprinkled over the pear and baked for about 15 mins in a 180*C oven. I served with custard.

You could also use apple or peaches. Use fresh fruit.

You can still do this even if the biscuits are not soft and you want a quick dessert.

ANZAC biscuits recipe here.

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