… and so it begins

I have 2 jobs I work in a high school and in a small family owned business.

Here in Australia our school years are calendar years and for us the school year starts tues 27th January but as you know going back to school after 7 weeks summer holidays starts long before the kids walk in that classroom (I thought school stuff finished for me 2yrs ago when my youngest completed gr12, it appears I was wrong) but I am working at his old high school.

So this week I’ve been helping full time in the uniform shop and that in itself is an experience with such a diverse size and shape of kids the same age but at the same time kinda fun and of course the pay packet is always a bonus.

Hopefully now that summer is half over the stinking hot and humid weather will cool down a bit for the kids to go back to school. Most private schools are air conditioned and a few public schools are air conditioned but our rooms weren’t, library and office luckily are.


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