An unintentional trip down memory lane

The things you find hiding in your cupboards! I’m lucky enough to have 2 double door linen cupboards one on each side of our house usually the boys sheets, towels etc with table cloths and other bits and pieces and on the other my hubby and my linen with all the odds and sods with overflow bulk foods, to Christmas presents it ebbs and flows.

With all the visits over Christmas having more bed changes, towels for extra showers things have got a little messy in both lots of cupboards and today I decided to tidy them up and get things back in order.

I went to the stackable tubs (lidless ones) that go under the bottom shelf and rest on the floor, well what do you know while putting a few of the games boxes we played back into their tubs I found things I’d not seen in years.

We have our favourite board games of Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, then there’s Uno and Trouble with the occasional Chess BUT after re stacking things I found games we’d not played since the kids were little like Ludo, Connect 4, Chinese Checkers,  Battleships and even their first Domino set (with each piece being about 4 X 8cm with big bright raised dots) and Go Fish cards with also a couple of normal decks of cards.  No Monopoly we were never really into that game in this house. Legos, Connex etc all live in another ginormous tub stacked away for the grandkids in the future along with the boys book collection.

I also found a vest I sewed about 20yrs ago for my now almost Mr 21, it’s so tiny.  I think it was there because at one stage it dressed a big Snoopy and got thrown into a tub along with an old school pencil/pen case, a boy scouts belt.

I also found a few daddy long leg spiders, some new socks still packaged I’d put away for when my old ones wore out, a mens tie in a zip lock bag, and both boys Karate belts white, yellow and orange, complete with taped coloured bands still on.

This has taken me most of the day for both cupboards, ours is now almost completed. I guess I don’t have to do it for another year or until almost Mr 21 decides to move out of home (he hopes in the next 6-12 months) and needs some stuff to take … though saying that his girlfriend has started a collection of move out things at her place.

Back to work on Monday for me … yay?

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