Top 5 fresh vegetables

What are the 5 fresh vegetables you always like to keep in your fridge/pantry, the ones you can’t do without?

Mine are…

Potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and either broccoli or zucchini.

I think you can come up with many hot or cold sides with these vegetables.

What would be your top 5?

Bounty (bar/balls) slice

I needed a pretty quick sweet treat to take to a morning tea and decided to make a bounty slice instead of my usual bounty balls.

Press quite firmly with a glass  bottom the coconut and condensed milk mixture into a baking paper lined slice tray (28 x 18cm) and pop into the fridge.

I melted 1 x 200g block of dark (or milk) chocolate bain marie style (bowl of broken chocolate over a simmering pot of water) and spread over the top of the coconut.

My hint, be quick with your chocolate as the slice has been in the fridge and the chocolate will set fairly quickly once it hits that cold coconut.

Pop back into the fridge for  approx 10 mins.

Once the chocolate has set carefully lift the baking paper and slice out of the tray and with a very hot knife (boil the jug and pour over the knife edge several times between cuts) cut into squares of your desired size.

Carefully put your squares into a lidded container with and pop in the fridge.

From start to storing this slice takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you need to take it somewhere make sure you use a cold bag and freezer brick. Keep cold is best.



Mums day

For us Mothers day is 10th May this year. Our restrictions due to Covid19 have eased, we can have small family get togethers of up to 6 people in our homes if we keep our social distancing. This weekend we can get the family together and see everyone on a staggered basis over the whole of the weekend. Yes we are having visitors, yippee.

My brother is bringing my mum over on Sunday for morning tea, I’m making a plate with sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and I’ve just made some totally oatie biscuits. I’ll pop on the coffee for my brother and brew some loose tea leaves for mum and myself, hubby will have his usual Pepsi.

How are you celebrating mothers day this year? If you’re not a mum how are you celebrating your sunday?

Stay safe everyone 🙂

Food prepping …

Food prepping for the boys and their wives as both their bubs are due in the next month. I’m doing what I always do, feed them.

I decided that there was not much else I could do for now except make a few meals so when we go visit we’ll take a home cooked frozen meal or two with us for use when they  need it.

Nothing really exciting, meat balls with mushroom and tomato gravy topped with potato slices (par cooked) and topped with cheese.

Spaghetti mince bolognaise, I was going to make lasagna but I can’t find any pasta sheets in the shops and I’m not that confident I can make them.

Bbq chicken drumsticks.

Crock pot lamb with mint, lemon and rosemary.

As I said nothing exciting but easy stuff to reheat and add your own pasta, vegetables, chips or other.

Why am I not adding rice or pasta, to be honest I’m not a fan of either of them reheated from frozen so prefer not to do it, and it’s easier to decide on the night what to have with that cooked meat. Lasagna is my exception.

I’m not filling their freezer right off because they only have the freezer space at the top of their fridges.

Food experiments

For me it’s food experiments in the time of … not a complete lock down due to Covid but we are very much encouraged not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

Buying food is not too much of an issue as most things are one the shelves, though there were a couple of weeks there where people went nuts on their groceries. There are a few price hikes for us but we are coming from a very bad bush fire season that burnt crops to be followed by floods in other areas to take out crops.

For me I had enough stock to tide me over until people settled down, mostly.

One of my experiments came the other night as I had a tin of pineapple with a few sliced left and wanted to use it up. Pineapple upside down cake I thought, nice for dessert but I only had a few slices and there is only the 2 of us to make it for.

So I decided that hey a cake mix is basically self raising flour, egg, milk and sugar, I don’t need to look up a recipe for such a small mix.

By hand I beat a couple of tablespoons of butter and sugar together added vanilla and an egg. Looks ok to me so then I folded in half a cup of SR flour, added a dash of milk and them more flour until I had the consistency I thought felt right for a cake batter.

Sprinkled some brown sugar and a bit of melted butter at the bottom of my small dish, laid on my bits of broken pineapple and topped with my batter.

Baked for about 15ish minutes in my air fryer on 165*C. Turned out onto a dish when cooked then halved for serving bowls.

For someone who usually follows a recipe for cakes my guess work here turned out pretty good I thought. I didn’t quite get my butter sugar ratio correct for the bottom of the dish so it wasn’t as caramelly as it could have been, but it didn’t stick to the bottom of the dish either and of course ice cream on top fixed everything.

Ps … My air fryer is not a big fancy one it just has one mesh basket that drops in from the top and slides into a drawer section. I found a small round cake tin that fits in and I line that with baking paper. If I want a square dish I have a glass one I picked up from Ikea a long time ago that fits in but with the glass and the full dish it’s heavy to pull out of the basket when it’s hot and a tad awkward, but I make do. Love my little cheap air fryer.




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