I learnt something new today

Approximately 22 yrs ago I bought a cheap blanket, it was on the small side but at the time price and a child size blanket met up. It was a great blanket but the nylon count made it a tad sweaty and sticky if you got a little to warm.

So I found an old sheet in my cupboard and put a backing on the blanket tidying up the edge with the backing being bigger than the blanket but tucking all the edges around and in neatly. Loved it as it washed well, traveled well (being a blanket and sheet all in one) and it’s aged well as I still have it.

As I’m going to be a Grandma in May and also June next year and it being winter then I decided to look at things to make for a baby. I found a lovely little blanket titled self edged blanket that looked exactly, though with nice mitred corners, like my simple tucked in cornered blanket.

Now I know what I did 22 yrs ago has a name, go me. They are easy to make so I’ll have a make a couple of baby themed ones.

My 22-ish year old blanket with a sheet backing.

Sheet (or any cotton lining)  bigger than the main fabric 10-15 cm all around.

Right sides together. Sew down both longer sides.

Turn the right way in so good side is facing out. Tuck under and under top and bottom.

Top stitch just the top and bottom end or go all the way around.

Sales sales sales

We’ve never really had sales advertised as Black Friday sales before, sure theword sales gets used a lot and many of them are at this time of the year but not Black friday sales, apparently it’s a thing over here now, who knew.

I’m not above picking up a good bargain no matter the name and I did.

Each of my boys are making my hubby and I grand parents next year, 1 in May and a couple of weeks later in June. For me it kinda feels like twins. They’ll be winter babies.

My sales were fabric sales and some already marked down winter fabrics are now half that price again as my closest store was having a 50% off sale. But I did notice at 50% the fabric is actually dearer than buying a finished clothing item some times.

Unfortunately winter stuff at this time of year, you know summer being in 2 days is either scarce or the fabric that is left is unfortunate in it’s print or colour.

I did pick up some flannelette in various colours and a couple of nice unisex prints for a blanket or backings. It was cheaper to buy a nice white bath sheet towel than it was to buy toweling for burp cloths and bib backings. I’m also making some flannel bottom wipes, napisan is still something I use to this day to clean and sanitise clothes.

I haven’t thought much about what else I’m making yet, I know I have a bit to keep me going and I can’t wait until winter 2020 for my first grand babies to arrive.

Reusable make up remover pads.

A while ago I was bemoaning the amount of the little make up pads I go through to a friend at work. I don’t wear make up every day but for some reason I seem to go through a few. My co -worker said her daughter made her own. Hmmmm this had merit, why had I not thought of this before.

Going to my local fabric store I can buy as little as .20cm off a fabric roll of 1.2 or 1.8m wide which gives you quite a few little squares to wash and reuse.

To make 1 square using flannelette fabric.

Cut fabric 8x 16cm and fold in half (finished product makes 8 x 8cm)

Set sewing machine on settings of close together smallish zig zag stitch. (doesn’t have to be as close together as a button hole but enough to not get a fray) OR use an over locker (serger)

Sew the 3 raw sides together. Thread ends in if using an over locker. Tie off if using the sewing machine. Trim.

I use Micellar water to remove my mascara (not water proof) and make up. To wash the cloths I just pop a few in a lingerie bag and throw in the machine with other washing. If they are particularly dirty, usually it’s the mascara that stains I give a spray of pre wash or you can napi san as per instructions.

I’m not going to lie and say they last forever they don’t, but if I can get 6months or a year out of the dozen I make at a time I’m happy. I’m also hoping it’s another thing that’s not shop bought disposable and better for the environment and biodegradable.

Not sure how the washing instructions would go with water proof mascara as I don’t use it.

A little bit of fabric goes a long way.

Size is optional, adjust your measurements and go bigger.

Try another fabric beside flannelette and let me know how it goes.

Mine have swans on them as that’s what I found in the mark down bin.

These below are made on the over locker but I have also done with zig zag and my normal sewing machine.



For many years now I’ve never had the inclination to try cornbread, if we have a bread with our dinner it’s usually a garlic or herb bread, a proper bread with yeast.

In my little quest to find gluten free snacks I found recipes for cornmeal (I usually buy polenta, which technically is an Italian dish with coarse cornmeal but the package says Polenta) and corn bread.

So I rearranged a cornbread recipe to meet my needs for now.

I’ve found that cornflour can replace xanthum gum, I always have cornflour on hand. The cornflour container in the pantry now also has a xanthum label as well.

So if you’re trying my  Cornbread gluten free recipe although I’ve made it muffins in can go in a slice tray or a loaf tin for variations you just have to adjust your times. This recipe is sweet so next time I’d pop in choc chips to make it more muffiny OR at least halve the sugar and pop in herbs to serve with butter.

I’m working up my little stash of gluten free foods.


Corn Bread – Gluten free

A sweet corn bread to corn muffins.

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