Baby clothes savings.

I mentioned to my daughters in law that if they had baby clothes that still fit the bubs if they’d like the sleeves shortened to take into summer clothes I can cut the long sleeves off and hem to short sleeves. They have a lot of legged and no leg onesies.

Well I cut off the first pair of sleeves and promptly remembered that sleeves are generally hemmed before attaching when they are on little clothes. So in this exercise I did a lot of muttering and thanking heaven that only one daughter in law took me up on this offer and it was only 4 sets of sleeves I had to alter.

Anyone had some fun sewing things that should have been easy to do and ended up being a little more complicated?

Stuffed Zucchini – Easy

Smokey paprika

My new favourite spice as a seasoning is smokey paprika especially accompanied by a little salt.

It goes fantastic on hot chips, chicken, french toast and fried eggs.

I’m probably behind the times but I’m working on this spice to see what else it’s good with.

Is this a spice you use and how?

My funny baking moment …

My funny baking moment I wasn’t even aware of making. My inlaws came over for morning tea and I decided to make some fresh pikelets and as far as I was aware I made a fantastic batch. My pikelets formed nicely, they rose and were nice and fluffy and everyone enjoyed them topped with jam and freshly whipped cream, a good morning tea.

A couple of weeks later when I saw my son and his family we were saying it was nice to catch up with the grand parents and they both started laughing.

Why did they laugh, well it turns out that my son found (by biting into it) a bay leaf in his pikelet but didn’t want to embarrass me so slid it under his plate. We all cracked up because he did it so well and no one was the wiser … except his wife.

You see I put bay leaves in my flour containers to stop the weavils,  we have hot humid summers and I don’t have the room in my freezer to store the big containers. Bay leaves seem to do the job.

I was totally unaware that that rogue bay leaf had slipped in as I had measured the flour, mixed the batter, poured the pikelet and flipped it and had no notion it was there.

So my question to you, have you had any similar funny moments with your baking?

Make your own packet cake mix

My mum and I were talking packet mixes the other day and how she’d like to do a master mix like she did many years ago but now she has neither the space to store it or it makes way too much mix for her.

We came to the conclusion that next time she made her favourite cake from scratch that she should measure out the dry ingredients for 2 or even 3 mixes in 3 bowls ( 1 mix to make up now and 2 for later).

Now all she’d have to do is write the remaining wet ingredients (eggs, milk and butter or other) and the method on separate ziplock bags or jar and store in the pantry for a later date and it would be just like a bought packet mix cake. You can keep the labelled jar for the next mix.

After a little while you get a few varieties to choose from but remember to watch the dates on your original ingredients like baking powder or flour and to date from your shortest date. A lot depends on how far ahead you get.

The master mixes that you can pre make sometimes need large amounts of ingredients then to make you measure by cups of the mix, my preference is this less grand scale.

Many will depend on the method of your recipe but a lot should be adaptable, try muffins or loaf recipes as well. You can cut (or blitz) your butter into your flour and dry ingredients but you will have to store in the fridge or freezer so that it does not go off/rancid.

Example Banana maple loaf  Measure and mix flour, sugar, baking powder and walnuts and write the wet ingredients  and the method down.

Give it a whirl and see how you go. Worth a try even if you only have one spare to quickly throw together in a hurry.

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