Time for a change

Every now and then I decide I’m ready for a few new things, not necessarily brand new but at least new to me or a reorganisation of what I have that can be changed up and moved from one room to another.

I’ve repainted my entry hall, it’s pretty short but fiddley, it took ages. It has our entry door, 2 bedroom doors, double cupboard doors and an archway to tape off and paint around. This one hallway took almost as long to paint as the family/dining room area, BUT as unhappy as I am with my painting capabilities it does look cleaner and fresher and ties in with the other rooms.

So now that I have blank walls I’m not sure I wish to put up the pictures, photos and mirror that used to hang on my walls it’s like looking at them with new eyes a blank canvas.

I quite often change things around in my house going  from room to room my lot were never surprised when they came home from work or school and things were not where they were when they left that morning being curtains, couches, chairs and tables.

My problem is, a) I’d like new colours but I have to decide on new colours or adding or subtracting to what I have, b) will I get new couch cushions and if so do I get them before I get new or different wall pictures, c) can I reuse the frames I have and if so what to fill them with general scenery or …. photos of nature that I’ve taken or abstract or d), do I need new or more indoor plants, e) maybe a floor rug, f) do I have to put anything up as I’m liking my bare walls?

Thank heavens I’ve never had to build a new house I would never know where to start!

I think I’ll ponder things for a little bit and see what takes my fancy.

Do you get bored with your house interior and how do you change things up or do you have the collections and colours from decades ago?



Easy bread roll toasting

The easiest way to give the centre of your roll or bun a bit of a toasting is to cut it in half and pop over the slots on your toaster and pushing the lever down. Be careful not burn as the temperature  needs to go on a lower heat than your usual toast toasting.

Also works for fruit buns.

Butter as usual.

Sausage roll, side join

Just for something a little different, when I made my sausage rolls today I didn’t use the usual roll and cut with the  overlap on the bottom.

After a little egg wash/milk on the edge I just folded over and pressed the edges together with a fork.

I egg washed the top and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Cut the portions. Baked as usual for 20-25ish minutes in a 200*C pre heated oven.

Cut again just to make sure your portions are detached then place on a plate and serve immediately. Yum.

Top 5 fresh vegetables

What are the 5 fresh vegetables you always like to keep in your fridge/pantry, the ones you can’t do without?

Mine are…

Potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and either broccoli or zucchini.

I think you can come up with many hot or cold sides with these vegetables.

What would be your top 5?

Bounty (bar/balls) slice

I needed a pretty quick sweet treat to take to a morning tea and decided to make a bounty slice instead of my usual bounty balls.

Press quite firmly with a glass  bottom the coconut and condensed milk mixture into a baking paper lined slice tray (28 x 18cm) and pop into the fridge.

I melted 1 x 200g block of dark (or milk) chocolate bain marie style (bowl of broken chocolate over a simmering pot of water) and spread over the top of the coconut.

My hint, be quick with your chocolate as the slice has been in the fridge and the chocolate will set fairly quickly once it hits that cold coconut.

Pop back into the fridge for  approx 10 mins.

Once the chocolate has set carefully lift the baking paper and slice out of the tray and with a very hot knife (boil the jug and pour over the knife edge several times between cuts) cut into squares of your desired size.

Carefully put your squares into a lidded container with and pop in the fridge.

From start to storing this slice takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you need to take it somewhere make sure you use a cold bag and freezer brick. Keep cold is best.



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